Blackstone Millville Music Association

 P.O. Box 181 Blackstone, Massachusetts 01504

Parents & Guardians

Parents and guardians are the lifeblood of BMMA.  If your child participates in our district's music programs, please consider pitching in.  There are many opportunities to help, with varying levels of commitment.  From chaperoning a bus trip, to  hanging posters, to donating snacks for  Band Camp, it take a village to raise a music program, and everyone's help is needed and appreciated.

Information & Resources

information about our BMMA, programs and events can be found on this website, by liking our Facebook page, and by signing up for BMMA email updates. 

More information about the Blackstone Millville Regional School District's Music program can be found on the Blackstone Millville Regional School District website.  The Music Department also has a Twitter feed for real time updates.

Financial Assistance

BMMA works hard to ensure that every student has the opportunity to participate in the District's extra-curricular music programs.  We offer three types of financial assistance .

Profit Sharing

BMMA holds multiple fundraising events which enable students to earn money while raising funds for BMMA, such as our annual Calendar Raffle and Big Raffle.  In addition, profit sharing dollars can be earned through our Gillette Program.

The BMMA concession booth at Gillette Stadium is our single, largest source of income, earning nearly 50% of BMMA's operating budget each year.  Parents, Guardians, and adult friends and family may volunteer to staff a Gillette event, earning a contribution for each volunteer/event for the student's profit sharing account.  Each year's Gillette calendar is established in March, and volunteer opportunities extend from April through January.  All band families are asked to volunteer for at least two Gillette events to help meet our commitment and fund our music programs.

Profit Sharing dollars may be used toward private lessons, band camps and and trip expenses.


BMMA operates an annual scholarship fund to help students attend music camps and for graduating seniors to attend college.  Scholarship applications are available from the BMRSD Music Department in April and are awarded in June.

Financial Assistance for Students in Need

BMMA provides additional financial assistance for students in need on a confidential basis.  For more information, please contact Mr. Todd Shafer, Music Director.