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Annual Craft Fair- Sunday March 4th, 2018


The BMMA is happy to announce this year's concert calendar.  The calendar includes all middle school, high school, and both 5th grade concerts.  The calendar also contains events that are optional for students who choose to audition (Central Districts, All state) and some events that have to be earned.  Therefore, Jazz states, and the Gold Medal Showcases are NOT definite.  They are included just so they can be reserved "just in case".


Concert Dates

Music Department






10 – Senior High District Rehearsal – Wachusett Regional H.S.

12 – Senior High District Rehearsal – Wachusett Regional H.S.

13 - Senior High District Concert – Mechanics Hall

20 – All State Auditions – Shrewsbury H.S.

31– 5th Grade Mid-Winter Concert



1st– Stadium Theatre: Jazz Ensemble Only (Stadium Theatre, Woonsocket)ST3 – Middle School District Auditions – Grafton HS (optional activity for 7th + 8th graders

TBA – Empty Bowl (Jazz Ensemble and Chorus Only) BMR Cafeteria

TBA– Art-Tech-Music Show: BMR cafeteria (Jazz/Chorus Only)

28 – High School Jazz Districts (Nipmuc)



1-3 – All State Festival (H.S. students who audition)

4 – BMMA Craft Fair

5 – High School Adjudication Concert

7 – Middle School Adjudication Concert

18 – Jazz State Finals (Norwood)

23-25 MICCA Concert Festival – All Middle School and High School Bands



8 – Gold Medal Showcase – Mechanics Hall (if earned at MICCA)

9 - Middle School District Rehearsal- Nissitissit Middle School

21 – Gold Medal Showcase – Symphony Hall (if earned at MICCA)

25  – Middle School District Rehearsal- Nissitissit Middle School

28 – Junior High Central Districts (For FWH students who audition) BMR



4 - Jazz Night, BMR Cafeteria (H.S. Jazz Bands AND Middle school Jazz Band)

15 – High School Awards Night Concert

23 - Middle School Awards Night Concert

27 – Memorial Day Parade, Blackstone (High School Only)

28 – Memorial Day Parade, Millville (High School Only)



6 – 5th Grade Beginner Band End-of-year Concert


All concerts are held in the High School Auditorium at 7:00 P.M. unless otherwise noted

For all upcoming events, please visit BMR's District Events Calendar

Gillette Schedule

This is a great way to earn funds toward your child's expenses.  Gillette is a major fundraiser for the music association as a whole. BMMA operates one of Gillette's concession stands during various events. Please contact Kate Correia with any questions or to volunteer [email protected].


Event Date          Event   

8/26/17  Sat        Kenny Chesney

8/31/17  Thu       Pats v Giants     

9/7/17  Thu        Pats v Chiefs     

10/15/17  Sun      Revs v NYCFC     

10/22/17  Sun    Pats v Falcons   

10/29/17  Sun    Pats v Chargers

11/26/17  Sun    Pats v Dolphins

12/24/17  Sun    Pats v Bills          

12/31/17  Sun    Pats v Jets          

* More events will be added including playoff events